Friday, November 15, 2002

Here's yet another article arguing that it should be the liberal American position to support the war on Iraq. I was going to try to refute the arguments made in this article, but they are preposterous on their face. There seems to be an idea that the United States is so uniquely filled with virtue, the sole "shining city on a hill", that it has a moral duty to flit around the world using its bombs to improve the lot of those individuals not fortunate enough to be Americans. The United States is a country that, since the end of the Second World War, has caused more death and suffering than any other country other than China under Mao and the Soviet Union under Stalin, and there are still 'liberals' who have the audacity to think that the United States is on some exalted moral plane that requires and entitles it to fix the problems of the world. Since the Marshall Plan the United States has not taken one major step to improve the lot of anyone other than the richest Americans, and the idea that an attack will turn out well for the Iraqis is ridiculous. Read this last paragraph and see if you can keep from vomiting:

"We liberals have much to do in the world. We must encourage America to fight wars on poverty and hunger and disease and pollution. Such is the burden of a worldview that compels us to repair the earth on which we live. And so long as dictators and terrorists stride the global stage - torturing their own, menacing others - there is no reason that we should exempt them from this worldview. They too must be fought."

Saddam is in place as the leader of Iraq because it pleased certain U. S. oil interests that he be the leader of Iraq. Until he turned against short-term U. S. geopolitical interests, his torturing and manacing were never mentioned by the 'liberals' who now find it so moral that he be removed. When are American liberals going to wake up and realize how bad things really are?