Sunday, November 17, 2002

If you think:

  1. that police agencies often protect certain people or criminal operations from investigation by other police agencies, sometimes for good reasons (e. g., if the person being protected is a police informant), and sometimes for bad reasons (e. g., the police agency has been corrupted to protect the criminals, or someone is using the criminal operation for some political goal); and

  2. that it is not uncommon for the United States government to use and abuse the illegal drug trade for various geopolitical and intelligence goals; and

  3. that the Saudi Royal Family may have paid for some of the weapons flown from the United States to the Contras in Nicaragua; and

  4. that the current Bush regime is merely an intentional continuation of what was going on under the Reagan-Bush regime (even Poindexter is back doing really, really bad things!); and

you read an article like this one (the article, if it moves, can probably be found on the same site under the title "Terror Flight School Owner Implicated in 'Protected' Drug Trafficking Ring"), you might be forgiven for seeing the events of September 11, 2001 as just a continuation of Iran-Contra in another form.