Saturday, November 23, 2002

Mounir El Motassadeq, a Moroccan accused of being the paymaster for the September 11 terrorists, is being tried in Germany. One of the witnesses in the trial is the former girlfriend of Ziad Jarrah, Aysel Sengun. She testified:

"He called me on September 11...he was very brief. He said he loved me three times. I asked what was up. He hung up shortly afterwards... It was so short and rather strange him saying that repeatedly."

We are supposed to take from this, I suppose, the idea that this was the last phone call made by Jarrah before he hijacked Flight 93. However, it seems equally possible that this is the phone call of a man who knows he will have to disappear after September 11 as it will no longer be safe for him to appear in public as 'Ziad Jarrah' (he might have even been aware that he was to be killed). There are just too many reasons to suppose that there were at least two men using the 'Ziad Jarrah' identity to conclude that this cryptic phone call means that the man on the phone was phoning as he was about to hijack an airplane. If the real Jarrah loved her enough to telephone her and tell her three times that he loved her, would he be able to immediately go out and martyr himself?