Sunday, December 15, 2002

I think it is fair to say that George Bush has had a rough week or so:

  1. The vice chairman of his 9-11 whitewash commission resigned, presumably because he did not want to be associated with the kind of report that the chairman would have produced, and the chairman resigned, presumably as continuing as chairman would have clearly revealed the kind of sleazy corruption that contitutes his 'consulting' business and, for that matter, his whole life.

  2. Through unbelievable bungling he managed to single-handedly restart the North Korean nuclear program (Clinton's failure to visit North Korea at the end of his Presidency now looks even more regrettable).

  3. He started the smallpox vaccination disaster which will lead to many deaths and disfigurements in the U. S. population and is being done just to help his pharmaceutical pals (and if you think Bush is actually going to be vaccinated with this poison I have a bridge I'd like to sell you!).

  4. Bush has been forced to somehow pander to the many southern segregationist friends of Trent Lott and the Republican Party, segregationists which have put the party in power, while appearing to the normal people who voted for him that he and his party are not fundamentally racist. Bush appears to be incapable of walking this fine line, and is acting as if he is afraid of Lott.

  5. Saddam Hussein managed to fit in enough embarrassing information about where he actually got all those weapons of mass destruction that Bush had to arrange to steal the report from the U. N. so it could be 'photocopied'. Of course, the old joke is that the Americans can prove that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction because they kept the receipts.

  6. Saddam also has managed to comply with the U. N. demands, meaning that the U. S. attempt to obtain U. N. sanction for his attack on Iraq has backfired, and his attack now will appear to be all the more unjust and immoral.

  7. He removed Paul O'Neil because O'Neil wouldn't shut up about the stupidity of Bush's tax cuts for the rich as a substitute for proper economic policy. He then replaced O'Neil, who for all his faults actually ran a real business and was honest, with another crony capitalist in the Cheney mold, another man who has never made an honest buck in his life but can call himself an 'entrepreneur' only because of his ability to be a parasite on government money. The sad fact is that Bush has to appoint these losers as they are the only type of people he and his crowd know.

None of these things will bother him in the slightest, as the lapdog press treats each massive failure as a massive victory.