Sunday, December 15, 2002

It remains a bit of a mystery what the Bush Administration intends to do with the Middle East. Eric Margolis sets out the possible extreme plan (or here), which is basically 'regime change' in Iraq, shortly followed by Syria and Iran, with Libya to receive a similar treatment in due time. The spoils would get divvied up between the U. S. and Britain (the idea that Iraqi oil isn't considered important in the American calculations, a view that is actually propounded by some 'experts', is ridiculous). All the other Middle Eastern states would then be cowed by this into becoming complaisant vassals of U. S. interests. The Palestinians would have to settle for some sort of bantustan in the form that has already been suggested by Israel. You would like to think that there are still some people of influence in the United States who are not completely insane, and that the extreme plan would be somewhat modified. However, when you see all the thugs like Cheney and the whole Iran-Contra crowd circling around, there is not much room for hope. It is sad to think that the only thing that could save the Middle East from disaster is a series of terrorist attacks on U. S. soil of such magnitude and ferocity that they force a regime change in the United States. This is not likely to happen as the attacks we have already seen (WTC I, OKC, WTC II) have all required inside help, help which presumably would not be forthcoming if the attacks actually threatened the interests of the U. S. oligarchs.