Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Pim Fortuyn was murdered, supposedly by an animal-rights activist, a theory that has never made any sense to me. Now someone has come up with the ultimate conspiracy theory (main website here, mirrored website here, list of 'press releases' here, and the main chronology here), with Fortuyn murdered by a hit man 'close to Syrian Intelligence', who was hired by infamous drug/gun dealer Monzer al Kassar, who in turn was acting on behalf of a group including Dutch intelligence, the CIA, the BVD, and prominent Dutch politicians, with the assassination filmed by the Mossad (who, however, had nothing to do with the assassination!). This assassination was to prevent the proper investigation by the elected Fortuyn of the importation of drugs into Europe using corrupt Dutch drug police, something called the 'IRT affair'. The creator of the site likes Yukio Mishima (!) and Japanese nationalism, and doesn't like the Hague Tribunal's investigations of Serb war criminals. The English in which it is written (e. g.: "Time now has arrived for karmic retributions of exposures casting memory of you evil rule to the deepst regions of hell existence. Warriors of the free word and truth will rain down from Shamballah.") is great fun.