Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Bush has managed to create a crisis in Korea through bungling so complete that it is even beyond his usual standards. It is obvious that the Bush junta wants a crisis in Korea. Why? Here is a quote from a commentary in the Washington Post, referring to Kim Dae Jung, who was snubbed by Bush:

"Kim's sin? He was instituting a sunshine policy with the North, ending a half-century of estrangement. Bush, who looked upon North Korea as the most potent argument for his obsession to build a national missile defense, saw Kim, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, as nothing but trouble. He sent him home humiliated and empty-handed."

Without the Korean crisis, Bush is without any even slightly plausible enemy having the potential capacity to fire missiles that could reach the United States. Russia is now a friend, and China wouldn't have any interest in destroying the United States when it can make so much money exploiting the U. S. demand for underpriced consumer goods (if China wants to hurt the U. S., it can do it through causing world-wide deflation). Bush's arguments against Iraq as posing a threat to the United States are just silly. North Korea is the only possible missile threat to the United States, and so has been cultured as an enemy through the systematic destruction of peace initatives of the Clinton Administration and the South Koreans. The missile defense program is the largest military-industrial complex scam in American history, both in the sheer total of money being transferred to the military contractors and the fact that everybody involved knows that the program cannot work. The North Koreans are providing the only excuse for this useless enrichment of Bush's friends. The only problem with all this for Bush is that the timing of the North Korean response is interfering with the Bush junta's plan to steal Iraq's oil.