Friday, February 21, 2003

George Bush, in a speech given in Atlanta, stated, in referring to Iraq: "By defeating this threat, we will show other dictators that the path of aggression will lead to their own ruin." This is a clear indication that the action against Iraq will become part of a general U. S. policy to control the world through the use of its military might, or the threat thereof. Once the United States has a permanent military presence in Iraq it can fully control the world flow of oil by threatening the other oil producers with a similar fate to Iraq (can't you see the American press suddenly filled with the notion that Saudi Arabia is a dictatorial, repressive regime that supports terrorism, and thus needs to have its regime changed for moral reasons?). Once the U. S. fully controls the flow of oil it will no longer have to put up with these annoying French or Germans or Japanese or Chinese - the threat of cutting off the oil will keep everybody in line. 'Old Europe' is taking this so seriously as it sees itself having escaped domination by the totalitarian Nazis or the totalitarian Soviets, only to fall under the totalitarian Americans. Chirac's warning to the 'Axis of Vassals' that their kowtowing to the Americans risks their admission into Europe only makes sense. They seem hell-bent to goosestep directly from submission to Stalinism to submission to Bushism. Their 'ex'-communist rulers wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they were free of a demagogue. The Americans have made it unambiguously clear that they intend to take over the world, and Europe can't afford to admit any traitors. In the final analysis, the Americans shouldn't count on the 'Axis of Vassals' because: 1) the vast majority of their respective populations are against the war; and 2) much more importantly, as these 'ex'-communists have shown no interest in the will of their populations, they are all tremendously economically dependent on Germany.