Wednesday, February 12, 2003

The prospect of the attack on Iraq to steal its oil is terrible, as is the fact that the evil people who run the United States will no doubt follow this war with a series of more wars and more crimes against humanity. The scariest part is that it appears that the majority of Americans have been frightened enough to be willing to allow their country to commit unspeakable acts just so they can continue to enjoy the benefits of living in a nation that has been the most successful at exploiting the wealth of others. I have no sympathy for Americans who claim to be tired of 'anti-Americanism' - if Americans are tired of being thought of as evil they should start to vote responsibly and stop supporting the vile actions of their government. It is beginning to look like the next world war will be between, on one side, the United States and, er, Israel, and, on the other side, E V E R Y B O D Y E L S E. There is some good that we're seeing coming out of this:

  1. France, Germany and Russia are now working in an alliance to fight evil. Fifty years ago, how likely would it have been for those three countries to be allied against evil, especially evil which derives from the United States?

  2. Incompetent Bush Administration officials (Perle, Rumsfeld) gratuitously insulting European countries that have the temerity to not rubber-stamp every wish of the Administration may so anger Europe as to lead to the possible end of NATO, an anacronism now that the real threat to Europe is no longer Russia. NATO is the mask Americans hide behind so as not to be seen as acting unilaterally. NATO is merely a tool for American geopolitics, and the Europeans would be much better off with a purely European force. The real threat to Europe is now terrorism caused by tensions stirred up by American stupidity (in particular, the American one-sided position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict). If the United States ever has another election and replaces the current Administration, it is going to take the State Department fifty years to reestablish alliances that the Bush Administration is in the process of thoughtlessly and petulantly breaking.

  3. Similarly, Bush Administration 'diplomacy' may lead to the removal of American troops from Europe, where they now form more of an occupying army than any type of protection. If anything, their presence makes Europe more of a target for terrorism. Sovereign countries shouldn't host the troops of another country. Once the Americans are gone from Europe, other countries (Japan, Arab countries, the Philippeans, Colombia, and even, eventually, South Korea) should also question whether American troops are doing more harm than good.

  4. The world is finally waking up to the fact that, since the fall of the Soviet Union, the main source of evil in the world has been the United States. Until the end of the Second World War, the exact opposite was true, and the United States was rightly thought of as a beacon of hope to the world. Unfortunately, since the late 1940's, the Americans have allowed themselves to be led by a group of violent thugs, culminating in the group of psychopaths who are currently in place. Although the nature of what America stands for has shifted 180 degrees, Americans still see themselves as representing some sort of godliness. The most pathetic aspect of this is when Americans use the example of the Second World War to criticize countries like France and Germany, seemingly unaware that while the United States was acting on the side of good fifty or sixty years ago, it has all been downhill since. Europe and other countries learned from the Second World War, while the United States uses it as an excuse to hide the problems of American society and exploitative American foreign policy. When you find yourself using examples of fifty or sixty years ago to prove to yourself how good you are, and you can't find any more recent examples of your decency, you should know you've got a problem.

  5. One of the criticisms of the Americans of Europe is that European governments spend too much money on social programs, and not enough on arms! The general idea is that the Europeans have to be ready to assist the Americans in fighting whatever wars the Americans feel like fighting. The United States is spending such an obscene amount on defense now, most of which is either stolen by military contractors (the Pentagon can't account for trillions of dollars and no American politician ever dares complain about it) or paid out in ridiculously overpriced contracts, that the expense is actually eating into the social fabric of the country (and the Bush Administration seems to want social programs to be starved out of existence by military spending). The fact that European countries made the intelligent and prudent decision to spend money on social capital in the form of education, aid to the poor, and health care drives American neo-cons insane, as it represents an example of what the United States could have done. With all the money produced by the current dominent position of the U. S. economy, the U. S. could have been the most socially progressive country in the world. Instead, a series of bad governments have decided to squander this fortune on a ridiculously wasteful and bloated military and the cultivation of a tiny group of the richest men who have ever lived. Why should European countries make stupid political decisions just to please American warmongers? I hope the main lesson of Iraq is that Americans will from now on have to fight their own damn wars.