Monday, March 31, 2003

More massacre news:

  1. Even before the massacre is won, people are starting to question the American strategy of the Occupation of Iraq. The brutality of the 'shock and awe', coupled with shelling of Basra and two missile attacks on residential areas in Baghdad, seem to mean that the American strategy is to make the Iraqi civilians and other Muslims as angry with the United States as possible. When the Occupation of the Crusaders begins, the retaliation will lead to many deaths amongst the soldiers enforcing the enslavement, as well as increased terrorist attacks against Americans worldwide. The Americans intend to instal retired general Jay Garner as Occupier-in-Chief. Garner is a man particularly associated with Israel and Zionism, took a trip to Israel sponsored by the infamous pro-Israeli group JINSA (JINSA is even sensitive that the connection has been noticed), was one of a group of generals who signed a JINSA-sponsored statement blaming Palestinians for the violence in Israel and saying that a "strong Israel is an asset that American military planners and political leaders can rely on", headed a division of L-3 Communications specializing in missile-defense systems, some of whose products are being used in the attack on Iraq, and appears to have been selected for his extreme lack of suitability for the role (they must have had to restrain themselves from appointing Ariel Sharon!). It is completely obvious that the American strategy is to do everything possible to encourage: 1) Iraqi resistance to the Occupation of the Crusaders, so increasingly heavy oppression against the Iraqi slaves can be justified; and 2) increased terrorist attacks against America, to provide an excuse for future wars (Iran, Syria, etc.), and increased fascist security state oppression of the American people (Patriot Act II, Patriot Act III, Patriot Act IV, etc.).

  2. The Americans have consistently boasted that their new generation of 'smart' weapons will make it possible to minimize civilian casualities. Unfortunately, American missiles seem to be hitting everywhere but their intended targets: Iran, Kuwait, a neighborhood near Basra, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. It's the gang who couldn't shoot straight.

  3. Robert Fisk's serial and lot numbers for the missile fragment found in a market in Baghdad have been identified as an American missile, so the rather pathetic attempt to blame the two market place holocausts on Iraqi missiles has been proven to be yet another American lie (here is the lie here, which has turned into quite a ripping yarn). Survivors of the Shu'ale attack heard an airplane pass over, which apparently fired the missile right into a crowded Baghdad street during daytime. This is pretty good journalism for Fisk, who has the advantage of actually being in Baghdad (not to mention being about the best journalist there is). Needless to say, the warbloggers aren't taking this too well, as they got 'fisked' by Fisk.

  4. Here are some more picture galleries of the outrages being committed by the Americans and British.

  5. One of the biggest differences between this massacre and the Gulf War is that the whole Arab world can see the atrocities commited by the Crusaders on satellite television almost as they are being committed. In fact, because of the extrordinary self-censorship of the disgusting American media, the average person living in the Middle East is far, far, far better informed than almost any American. The mythology that the United States might not be evil has been permanently swept away - the whole world can now see that the American government is utterly without morals.

  6. The United States is using depleted uranium weapons, and may be using napalm. Now, there are reports that it may be using cluster bombs. Note that they are using these weapons in Najaf, which is one of the holiest cities in Islam. If they use the chemical and nuclear weapons they're itching to use, they'll have covered most of the inhumane weapons available to modern psychos.