Sunday, April 20, 2003

An addendum to my last posting on 'the Family' concerns the event in the disputed U. S. 2000 election which has become known as the 'Brooks Brothers Riot'. This was the angry attack by Republican functionaries, posing as normal concerned citizens, on the recounting of the Florida ballots. This attack so flustered the ballot counters that the counting was stopped, and Gore never again had a chance to have the ballots counted which would have proved he had won the election. If the recount had given Gore the lead, it would have completely changed the dynamic of the battle, as the Republicans would then have been perceived as the sore losers trying to subvert the will of the electorate. This fake riot was thus the key event in the fight over the election, and is a shameful part of American history as threats of violence by people working for a political party actually changed the outcome of American history, and may in fact have wrecked the country (the Republicans showed how important it was by spending $35,501.52 on a thank-you party for the rioters, but then ruined it by subjecting the poor bastards to Wayne Newton singing 'Danke Schoen'). How does this connect to 'the Family'? One operator associated with 'the Family' is James Baker (Baker gave an endorsement to the Youth Corps of 'the Family'), who was Bush's main attorney in the election fiasco, and the main architect of the successful plan to subvert democracy. Another member of 'the Family' is Todd Tiahrt, a Republican Congressman (not a Senator, as I put in my last posting and have corrected by moving his name to the right place; I've also fixed the references to Doug and David Coe) from Kansas (for Tiahrt, see here and here and here and here and, especially, here; his part of the article was to ask Doug Coe the best way "for the Christian to win the race with the Muslim" and received an amazing answer from Coe). One of the identified rioters was Matt Schlapp, chief of staff for Todd Tiahrt (Schlapp's reward was to move from Tiahrt's office to become special assistant to Bush and deputy director of political affairs in the White House, effective January 20, 2001). Did 'the Family' have something to do with the riot? Of course, there are all kinds of other possible connections that may explain why Tiahrt's chief of staff was involved in Baker's riot. It would, however, be a nice 'covenant' for some concerned Christians to help such an overtly religious man as George Bush. I'd like to know the backgrounds of the other rioters.