Saturday, April 05, 2003

The American media seem to have decided that the massacre in Iraq is now won, but the civilians keep suffering:

  1. The sheer quantity of dead and injured civilians is starting to be noticed, with Red Cross doctors who visited southern Iraq horrified (or here) by the casualties they found in the hospital in Hilla. They saw a truckload of the dismembered dead bodies of women and children. The nature of the injuries seems to indicate the use of cluster bombs on civilians.

  2. Children are bearing the brunt of the massacre, both physically as the majority of the injured and killed, and psychologically due to the terror of the sound of the bombing attacks.

  3. An attack on a bus at Nadir, which killed 18 and wounded 16, seems to have used a possible form of cluster bomb.

  4. The poor living in the worst suburbs of Baghdad are facing much of the worst of the bombing. On Monday, U. S. missiles killed six people in the suburb of Sueb. Twelve houses were destroyed.

  5. The attack at Furat, which killed over 80 people, and those at Hay al-Ama and other areas west of Baghdad, all appear to have been cluster bomb attacks.

  6. The 'liberated' city of Nasiriyah has become a dangerous, lawless place, filled with looting and crime. Doctors claim that up to 250 people were killed and up to 1,000 people were injured in the course of the 'liberation', due to U. S. air strikes or artillery attacks. The British are not much better, having made a complete disaster out of the humanitarian aid effort in Umm Qasr. At least the British are trying, rather than abandoning the people to the mercy of the looters.

  7. More on 'Christianizing the enemy'. It strikes me that if you wouldn't dare even attempt to convert people during normal times, you ought not be allowed to try to convert when the subjects of your evangelizing are under armed occupation. Many of these missionaries are going to be returning home in boxes.

  8. The Pentagon was very displeased about the presence of un-embedded journalists in Iraq, journalists who might try to tell the truth. There was a report that the Pentagon would fire on the satellite uplink positions of such journalists. Although that does not yet appear to have happened, there have been an inordinate number of killed or injured independent journalists in this attack. One has to wonder.

  9. An embedded journalist died in Iraq, becoming the first of the propagandists to die in the attack on Iraq. Three things jump out:

    • the U. S. military has taken very good care of their 'journalist' lackeys, who have fared much better than the real journalists

    • most right-wing warmongers wouldn't get within 1,000 miles of an actual battlefield - at least this one had a bit of courage

    • he died, if you can believe the irony, in a Hummer, a vehicle that gets approximately 0 mpg, the bloated symbol of the American need for oil.