Tuesday, April 08, 2003


  1. The Americans have again attempted to kill Saddam, this time by heavily bombing a residential area. Given the embarrassingly dismal state of American intelligence, it is unlikely that they killed Saddam, but you can be certain that they killed a lot of innocent civilians.

  2. Nine Iraqis were killed as a result of a U. S. air raid in the Baghdad suburb of Mansur.

  3. Witnesses returning from Baghdad are reporting on the horrors of U. S. bombing of residential areas.

  4. The Americans themselves claim that their joyride through Baghdad resulted in the deaths of 2,000 to 3,000 Iraqis. I wonder how many of them were civilians. Here is one example of the kind of thing that happened:

    "A family in a car stopped on Highway 8's median, evidently hoping to endure the sudden eruption of fighting they had driven into. A large truck, mounted with an antiaircraft gun, hurtled toward the column and was shot. It careered onto the median and struck the car, bursting into flames. As the American column passed, a man, a woman and three children - the youngest an infant - struggled with their injuries and burns. The man, presumably the father, was on his back. One child's fingers were virtually severed."

    Of course, even those victims who are soldiers are so massively outgunned and are, after all, just defending themselves and their city, that the Americans have the same moral responsibility for killing them as they do for killing civilians. This type of wanton killing is intended to send a message, both to other Iraqis and to those in other countries who are to be next on the American hit list.

  5. One of the main features of the corporatist crony-capitalist state is the creativity in which taxpayer money is funnelled to the large corporations who own the politicians. There is much talk of the rebuilding of Iraq, and of how Bush is ensuring that all the lucrative contracts go to his pals (and Tony Blair has been embarrassed as his pals aren't getting any of the swag). Taxpayer money is used to pay for the war, the war creates the necessity of reconstruction, and the crony capitalists are given untendered contracts, usually on a 'cost plus' basis, to fill their corporate coffers. This is effectively a hidden transfer of money from taxpayers to corporations - corporate taxes in reverse. One of the main reasons for the war - in fact, almost certainly the single most important reason - is to provide the excuse, the framework, to excuse this kind of massive tranfer of wealth, a transfer that would not be possible without this kind of smokescreen. These days, almost all the large pools of wealth are extracted from taxpayers using these and similar methods. In this case, of course, it is intended to subsidize the burden on the American taxpayers by stealing the assets of the Iraqi people.

  6. A group called the American Council for Cultural Policy appears to be lobbying the American government for the relaxation of Iraq's tight restrictions on the ownership and export of antiquities, in order to allow for the looting of Iraq's cultural heritage for the benefit of antiquities dealers and collectors. The vultures are circling everywhere.

  7. Here is an excellent collection of pictures of the Anglo-American atrocities, with links to other picture sites.