Sunday, April 06, 2003

More comments on Iraq:

  1. This little joy ride the Americans took through the suburbs of Baghdad proved absolutely nothing, and only served to needlessly put civilians in danger (note that the Americans are claiming they fought volunteers from Jordan, Egypt, Sudan and elsewhere - the eventual war is going to be the United States versus world Islam). It appears to have been a stunt for domestic American political purposes. To see how effective it was, here is a quote from CBS 'News':

    "The patrols came half a day after U.S. forces plunged a dagger into Iraq's capital city Saturday morning, smashing through Republican Guard defenses, sweeping through industrial neighborhoods with tanks and armored vehicles and offering Saddam Hussein's loyalists a taste of things to come."

    Plunged a dagger? The American press likes it!

  2. It appears that the Americans are going to set up their Crusader government, complete with a publicly pro-Zionist Pasha, as early as Tuesday, without the necessity of controlling any large populated area. At the moment, besides some stretches of desert and some small towns, the 'coalition' controls, at most, one significant town, that of Nasiriyah (even Basra still isn't captured). The speed seems to be to keep the UN out of Iraq, which, given the situation, is probably a blessing for the UN. This ersatz government could go down in history as a joke. I wonder if they'll have a flag and a national anthem (I mean, besides 'America the Beautiful')? Be sure to collect all their stamps, as they could be very valuable.

  3. The Iraqis learned from the Gulf War. One thing they learned was if they took up fixed positions and fired from those positions, the American air defense would shred them to bits. When the Americans claim to have destroyed Republican Army units, it appears that the Iraqis have in most cases simply withdrawn. The Iraqis have no hope fighting out in the open, and realize their only chance is to fight a guerilla war in and around cities. The ease of the American advance on the outskirts of Baghdad proves nothing about the difficulty of the fight that is to come. The Iraqis have to know they will eventually lose the next battles, but have to look upon them as part of the fight that will be carried on elsewhere and by ongoing attacks against the occupying forces.

  4. Why do the Americans stumble across some powder in Iraq, and immediately, before doing any investigation, start to talk about weapons of mass destruction? It's powder. The vast majority of powders aren't biological or chemical weapons. If the Americans ever encounter a bakery they'll have a fit. Each time they have a false alarm, it only emphasizes that they have not found one shred of evidence of these weapons of mass destruction.

  5. An American military neurosurgeon in Germany says that many of the injuries to American soldiers are much more horrific than is reported.

  6. Baghdad's hospitals are almost out of anesthetics and antibiotics.

  7. The town of Manaria, about 30 miles south of Baghdad, has suffered 22 inhabitants killed and 53 injured. Two other villages, Zambrania and Talkana, have between them suffered the loss of 19 people in a series of air attacks. Some of the attacks look like cluster bombs. There are no Iraqi military placements nearby, and no reports of Iraqi soldiers in the area.

  8. To file under the Department of Hypocricy are the American complaints of how they had to fight Iraqi paramilitary forces dressed as civilians. This complaint, of course, gave the Americans an excuse to fire on civilians as well as an excuse to pick up and detain young Iraqi men. Now they've admitted that U.S. special operations forces are wearing civilian clothes in order to help them blend in with the local population. But that, needless to say, is 'different'.

  9. A U.S. Marine commander said that the Americans were willing to kill lots of civilians in capturing Baghdad.

  10. British Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon, who appears to be some sort of psychopathic monster, suggested that mothers of Iraqi children killed by cluster bombs would one day thank Britain for their use. He said that cluster bombs were "perfectly legal" weapons with an "entirely legitimate military role" and he felt that they protected British troops from unnecessary risk. In other words, the lives of perhaps thousands of Iraqi children can be destroyed so that his Crusader army can be safer in their depredations. The only way this line of thinking makes any logical sense is if the lives of the 'wog' children are somehow worth less than the lives of the human British troops. Of course, using cluster bombs in civilian areas violates the Geneva Convention, and Hoon is a war criminal.

  11. A superb quote from Sgt. Eric Schrumpf of the U. S. Marines:

    "We had a great day. We killed a lot of people. We dropped a few civilians, but what do you do?"

    He said there were women standing near an Iraqi soldier, and one of them was hit when he and other Marines opened fire. "I'm sorry but the chick was in the way".

  12. Here is the story of the death of a woman who had just completed her PhD in Psychology, killed by a shell in Baghdad.