Wednesday, April 02, 2003

More dead Iraqi civilians, etc.:

  1. Iraq has claimed that U. S. Apache helicopters attacked a neighborhood in the city of Hillah, killing 33 people and injuring more than 300. A Reuters report said at least 11 civilians, mostly children, had died. The Americans deny it, but their record of truth-telling is at approximately 0.00000%. A local hospital director confirms 33 deaths and 310 wounded due to 'coalition' bombing (see also here). Cluster bombs were also apparently used.

  2. Here is more information on the American missile attack on a farm outside of Baghdad, which killed 20 people. The article notes that Agence France-Presse reporters "have witnessed five such incidents in which civilians were the primary victims of a coalition strike, reporting at least 70 dead and dozens of wounded." The 'coalition' can't simply be firing randomly, hoping that they will happen to hit Iraqi soldiers. So why are they targeting farms?

  3. Russian pediatrician Professor Leonid Roshal, quoting Iraqi Ambassador to Russia Abbas Khalaf, claims that at least 95 wounded children have been hospitalised in Baghdad and Basra.

  4. More on the fact that the weapon fired on the Shu'ale neighborhood in Baghdad was certainly American, and probably a Harm (High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile) device (see also here - scroll down). The question remains open whether the murder of these civilians was intentional, or simply negligence. This massacre was advertised as being the most humane massacre in history, due to the precision of American technology. They now admit that at least 10% of their 'precision' weapons miss. This isn't too bad if you're firing into the countryside, but firing such weapons into heavily populated neighborhoods of Baghdad is tantamount to murder.

  5. The reason Peter Arnett was fired is that he worked for a broadcaster that is owned by a corporation that makes military hardware, and said things in public that questioned the American conduct of the 'war', thus threatening his ultimate employer's bottom line. It is essentially the same thing as if a senior executive of Microsoft gave a television interview praising the products of Apple.

  6. This article is an excellent summary of the campaign of lies being waged by the Pentagon with the enthusiastic assistance of its lackeys in the American media. Note that the B-52's are going out of their way to refuel over Spain so that Spain can claim to be part of the 'coalition' without actually doing anything.

  7. Speaking of the 'coalition', such as it was, it is rapidly falling apart.

  8. Perhaps showing some tensions in the 'coalition', Britain has announced that it will treat all prisoners of war pursuant to the Geneva Convention. This would hardly require mentioning except for the fact that the Americans announced they were going to attempt to fool around with the concept of 'enemy combatants' again in another attempt to circumvent the Convention.

  9. More on the American use of cluster bombs.