Thursday, May 08, 2003

From a new article by the embarrassing 'journalist' named Judith Miller, referring to MET Alpha, the team that has been searching for nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in Iraq, and its search of secret police headquarters in Baghdad for an ancient Talmud (the Americans don't have time to protect the museums of Iraq, but looking for one ancient Talmud is worth diverting a whole unit that is supposed to be looking for the supposedly critical weapons of mass destruction - can you see why some people suspect Israel might have some role in all this?):

"Of even greater interest to MET Alpha was a 'top secret' intelligence memo found in a room on another floor. Written in Arabic and dated May 20, 2001, the memo from the Iraqi intelligence station chief in an African country described an offer by a 'holy warrior' to sell uranium and other nuclear material. The bid was rejected, the memo states, because of the United Nations 'sanctions situation.' But the station chief wrote that the source was eager to provide similar help at a more convenient time."

It appears that this Pentagon propagandist doesn't realize the significance of this memo. It clearly indicates that the U. N. sanctions were effectively preventing Iraq from becoming involved in the production of weapons of mass destruction. It is precisely the assertion that the United Nations could not prevent Saddam from developing weapons of mass destruction which was the main Bush argument that an attack on Iraq was necessary. As an aside, here is Robert Fisk, a journalist without quotation marks, attempting to speak about Miller:

"Listen, every time I read Judith Miller in the New York Times, I nod sagely and smile. That's all I'm going to say to you, Amy. I'm sorry. Don't ask me to even comment upon it. It's not a serious issue."