Thursday, May 29, 2003

I haven't commented on Sharon's supposed (highly, highly qualified) acceptance of the 'roadmap', because to accept any of this nonsense is just silly. For years, every few months has resulted in the appearance of a new solution to bring peace, each time the Israelis play along by making somewhat accepting noises, and each time the whole thing is a sham for domestic American political purposes. Sharon has spent his whole career ensuring that there will never be a Palestinian state by encouraging the building of the illegal settlements, and he is currently in power at the pleasure of people so evil they make Sharon himself look saintly. I can say, without the tiniest fear of being wrong, that this roadmap is going nowhere. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting each time that somehow it will result in a different outcome. This same American-Israeli game has been played out so, so many times, and yet the American press plays along with each new sham, as if it will finally result in peace. Here is an excellent quote by Alexander Cockburn, which sums up the whole thing perfectly:

"The recipe is unvarying. The Palestinians are required to pledge that they will instantly abandon all vestiges of resistance to Israel's onslaughts on their persons, children, houses, land, crops, water, trees, livestock, roads, schools, universities, graveyards and public buildings.

In return Israel agrees that a few years down the road the government of Israel will begin to ponder the outlines of a dim possibility of formal ratification as a Palestinian statelet of whatever tiny sliver of territory they haven't already appropriated.

Amid choruses of approbation for its courage from Israel's vast lobby of politicians and opinion makers in the United States, Israel gouges a couple of extra billion out of Uncle Sam and gets on with the day-to-day business of making life hell for Palestinians. Anytime Israel wants to suspend whatever 'peace' charade is in progress, it acts with more than its habitual savagery, elicits a terror bomb or two, and then says the Palestinians have not abandoned terror and can't be dealt with."

With each passing day, the tiny sliver is whittled down even more, so that each successive 'accomodation' by the Israelis refers to a smaller percentage of a percentage of a percentage of what the Palestinians ought to be entitled to. Eventually, the combination of the increasing size and number of the settlements (increasing with each day as the settlers wipe their behinds with the roadmap, all the while, for the benefit of the American press, complaining bitterly - while no doubt laughing to themselves - about how Sharon is selling them out), the destruction of orange and olive trees, the murder of Palestinian civilians and the collective punishment resulting in the destruction of Palestinian homes and businesses (an increasingly serious enterprise, such that protestors who try to stop it and journalists who witness it are being murdered in cold blood by the IDF), and the construction of the wall, together with the passing of time, is intended to make any Palestinian state in 'Greater Israel' impossible. I think it is fair to say that the spin put on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that it is the Palestinians who are the terrorists, and the Israelis who are the victims, is the single most successful black propaganda operation in the history of propaganda. The mismatch in power, and the single-minded psychopathy of the Israelis and their American defenders, reminds me of a teenager killing a kitten with a hammer, with the American press then reporting on the terrible little scratch inflicted on the poor victimized boy by the kitten as it lay dying. The reporting of the situation, and the honest belief of many Americans (but no one else in the world) of the victimhood of the Israelis, is so ridiculous it is almost impossible to believe it is happening. The mentality that decency in the world is facing is exemplified by Bush's insane Christian fundamentalist backers, both ideologically agreeable to Bush and whose votes are necessary for his reelection, who continue to say things like Gary Bauer:

"The land of Israel was originally owned by God. Since He was the owner, only He could give it away. And He gave it to the Jewish people."

So if it is God's will, the Israelis and their American defenders don't have to worry about the niceties of human morality in accomplishing it. The plan is to crush all hope of the Palestinians through what is essentially a military defeat in the undeclared war being conducted by the IDF on Palestinian citizens, leading to the 'final solution' proposed by David Ben-Gurion (in 1936!):

"For only after total despair on the part of the Arabs, a despair that will come not only from the failure of the disturbances and the attempt at rebellion, but also as a consequence of our growth as a country, may the Arabs possibly acquiesce in a Jewish state of Israel."

This remains the plan of Sharon, the Likudnik right in Israel, the settlers, the whole neo-con crowd, the Christian fundamentalist right, and the Bush Administration. None of them wants anything less than the complete removal of the Palestinian people from The Palestine through ethnic cleansing, and the roadmap is just another lie to buy more time for the completion of the cleansing.