Friday, May 16, 2003

In stark contrast to what the Americans are doing, or not doing, the United Arab Emirates decided to rebuild a hospital in Baghdad. Here is a quote from an article in the Jordan Times:

"One excellent example of almost instant rebuilding is the Sheikh Zayed hospital in Baghdad. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) decided to establish a hospital. It took over a building, the Olympic hospital built by Uday Hussein, the former president's elder son. That hospital had been completely looted. Even the electrical wiring had been stolen. A week later, it was a functioning hospital, an island of cleanliness and sanity in a sea of decay and dirt. Its gates are under siege throughout the day, six days a week. It is closed on Fridays. Hundreds of Iraqis line up under the simmering summer sun, waiting for hours to get a subscription filled or see a doctor. The hospital opened on May 4. Dr Yusif Muhammad, the head doctor, said: 'On the first day, we had 450 patients, on the second 600, on the third 800 and on the fourth 1,500. That is the highest number so far. Now it is about 1,000. So far, we have only an outpatient department, but we will soon have a section for surgery and then make it into a general hospital covering all the specialities. It is a gift to the Iraqi people from the United Arab Emirates. All the medical staff come from the UAE, all the equipment and all the medicines and supplies. We have established an airbridge to bring in supplies whenever we need them, seven days a week if necessary.'"

So if the UAE can reestablish a completely looted hospital in a week, why can't the Americans? Because they don't want to spend any money. The key to understanding Iraq's reconstruction, or lack of same, is that the American plan is to soak up all the oil revenues with the lavish reconstruction contracts given to friends of the Bush regime. As the oil is not flowing, there is no money to pay these contracts, and therefore absolutely no interest by the Americans in reconstruction. Indeed, as far as the Americans are concerned, this is the period of deconstruction, where looting and destruction of the infrastructure of Iraq can be used as a sort of bank of future corrupt reconstruction projects to be handed out to the Bush cronies once there is oil revenue enough to pay for them. What we're seeing in Iraq is the theft of all the wealth of an entire country for the sole benefit of a tiny elite who happen to be friends of the Bush Administration. Such a meticulous and thorough theft hasn't been seen since the days of the Nazis, and the clever use of inflated reconstruction contracts to hide the theft is unprecedented. It is the application of Enron-style accounting to international pillaging.