Thursday, June 12, 2003

Israel insists that the Palestinian Authority convince Hamas and other groups to stop terrorist attacks before the terms of the 'roadmap' can be implemented. Abbas gingerly tries to negotiate with Hamas to stop the attacks. Hamas isn't keen to stop what it justly feels is a war of national liberation because all it can see is the extraordinary lack of concessions made by the Israelis. While Abbas tries to negotiate with Hamas, Sharon orders the completely illegal targeted assassination of a senior leader of Hamas, who escapes with an injury (but two innocent people are killed and dozens injured). Bush makes a very polite criticism of the attack, and is in turn attacked by the ADL for daring to even slightly criticize an assassination attempt which was bound to derail the chances of peace, and was clearly intended to stop any chance of the Israeli precondition to peace being possible. Hamas answers with a big suicide bombing. Israel counters with another targeted assassination/revenge attack. Meanwhile, all the American papers announce that Israel is removing 'settlements', which means that trailers, which are parked at the tops of deserted hills with no purpose other than to be temporarily removed so Israel can claim to have removed settlements, are dragged to the bottom of the hills. This attracts mobs of crazed settlers, many if not most of whom are from Brooklyn, who scream of the injustice of it all, and prepare to drag the trailers back up to where they were. All the while Sharon's fence continues to be built (a two-part excellent article on the fence here and here), separating the Palestinians from their land, the IDF continues to demolish the Gaza Strip, and the settlements continue to grow. The wildest solution to the problem is that of Michael Tarazi, who wants the settlements to continue to grow and grow. Eventually the world will tire of the injustice of the plight of the Palestinians, and, following the example of apartheid South Africa, will impose a one person-one vote system on the whole area, leading to a Palestinian leader of Israel! Demographic domination by having a much higher birthrate is known as the 'revanche du berceau' ('revenge of the cradle') in the context of Quebec history, where the francophones, after the defeat of the French by the British, took over the province by breeding faster. The same solution will work for the Palestinians. Unless Israel allows the creation of a real Palestinian state, and removes all the settlements, Israel will either have to slaughter all the Palestinians or be ruled by them.