Thursday, July 17, 2003

Tenet took the blame for not forcing the Bushites to remove the reference to African uranium from the State of the Union address, even though the CIA had grave doubts about the claim. It took months and months for the International Atomic Energy Agency to extract the documents which purported to prove the Niger connection from the United States (three of the the documents can now be seen, with a colorful story of where they originated that is subject to the problem that a diplomat from Niger wouldn't have produced documents with such obvious mistakes). Now, in what has to rank as one of the more amazing things in this amazing story, it turns out that the CIA itself had not seen the actual documents on which the Niger claim was based at the time of the State of the Union address. The Bush Administration had been relying on these documents for months, and they were still being used in January to back up the State of the Union claim, but no one had bothered to show them to the CIA! The Cheney-Rumsfeld plan to isolate the Office of Special Plans lie-producing sausage factory from the CIA had been completely successful, and the CIA was forced to vet the State of the Union address, and to take the complete blame for the lie, without being allowed to see the main documents on the issue in the possession of the Bush Administration. This fact completely destroys the Rice claim that they were relying on the CIA to determine what would have to be taken out of the address, for the Administration intentionally denied the CIA access to the documentation which the CIA would have needed to see to make a proper determination. Obviously, this was done because the Administration did not want the CIA to see that the documents were forgeries before they could be used to justify the attack on Iraq. Note that the failure for not seeing the documents is being blamed on the CIA as well, with the whole matter turning into another FBI-CIA battle! How much slander will the CIA take before it starts to make its real power known by leaking some interesting facts? History has shown us that you don't mess with the CIA!