Friday, July 25, 2003

Uday and Qusay:

  1. Do you think that Saddam's sons were murdered because their testimony at any trial they would have would reveal even more lies about the Bush Administration's flimsy case for the attack on Iraq?

  2. If Bush wasn't in desperate need of a distraction, would the order have been for them to be taken alive?

  3. It may be that Uday was trying to negotiate their surrender, which makes even more clear that their deaths were really murders. Any arguments that their deaths were legitimate because they occurred during wartime miss the point that this isn't a traditional war - it is an unprovoked attack and occupation of a sovereign country. Americans have no legitimate excuse for these murders as they have no legitimate excuse to be in Iraq.

  4. Since the brothers could have given real information about the location of any weapons of mass destruction, it is obvious that the Bush Administration has given up really looking for these mythological weapons.

  5. Since both brothers had doubles, how is it that extremely lousy dark photographs of heavily mutilated corpses is supposed to prove that these are indeed the two brothers? The Americans seem also to be relying on dental records, but how do they know that they don't have the dental records of the doubles? X-rays have a similar problem.

  6. They were killed by the same Task Force 20 that killed some 80 people at the Syrian border and into Syria a few weeks ago. Is it possible that Task Force 20 has decided that it simply doesn't take prisoners? The four deaths were all as a result of firing anti-tank missiles!

  7. Since they had the house surrounded, and had a massive amount of firepower and no doubt various non-lethal methods of subduing whoever was in the house, there was absolutely no need to kill the brothers. It appears that either Bush ordered them killed for his domestic purposes, or the troops involved were grossly incompetent.

  8. If the two brothers have been identified as being dead but are actually alive, it puts them in a greatly improved position both for their personal safety and for their ability to lead the resistance. On the other hand, they may have been living in Belarus all along!