Sunday, August 10, 2003

David Kay, Finder of Weapons of Mass Destruction:

  1. From an MSNBC article (or here - scroll down; the MSNBC link doesn't seem to work) dated May 11 by by Jim Avila on the "three trailers believed to be mobile biological weapons laboratories capable of producing deadly germs for weapons":

    "Former U.N. weapons inspector David Kay told NBC there was no other possible purpose for the lab. 'This is it,' he said."

  2. FAIR points out that Avila reported from Baghdad on May 12, and was joined by none other than David Kay, who was flown over to add his incredible expertise on weapons of mass destruction. Kay had a pointer, and reviewed the trailers' parts:

    "This is a compressor. You want to keep the fermentation process under pressure so it goes faster. This vessel is the fermenter . . . ."

    An MSNBC transcript (also not available from an MSNBC link, but still on Google cache) doesn't contain all of Kay's words, but just his words "Then through a series of other tanks", which seems to be part of his pointer show, but does contain the following by Kay:

    "Gee, whiz. This is it. If you look at it, you see the essential elements of a biological production process."

  3. On August 8, the New York Times reported:

    "Engineering experts from the Defense Intelligence Agency have come to believe that the most likely use for two mysterious trailers found in Iraq was to produce hydrogen for weather balloons rather than to make biological weapons, government officials say."

    This was a new completely technical analysis by scientists who were actually experts in what a bio-weapons facility would have to contain. Note the kicker almost at the end of the article (my emphasis):

    "Bush administration officials have said the most compelling information that the trailers were used for making biological weapons has come from a human source, an Iraqi scientist who described the trailers and what he said was their weapon-making role to American experts months before the trailers were discovered."

    Months before the trailers were discovered, i. e., before the attack started. The 'Iraqi scientist' is another dissident defector providing more of the horse manure which the Bush Administration used as the justification for the attack! The reason they were so fast to jump to wrong conclusions about the trailers is that they had already been primed by misinformation to see what they wanted to see. The funniest thing is that, in the tough days when Bush could find no WMD's, he latched onto these very trailers as his final hope, and we now know that this was just another lie.

Speaking of horse manure, David Kay's performance with a pointer was absolute hooey. It is as if they sent Britney Spears over to explain semiconductor physics. Kay must have had to contain himself from breaking out laughing as he stood there, pointer in hand, describing things he had not the slightest clue about, all the while spouting complete nonsense about weapons of mass destruction. As Cheryl Seal has pointed out, Kay isn't even a scientist. We ought to remember Kay's role in the trailers charade in September when we're fed the new line of manure concerning Kay's evidence of Saddam's weapons 'program'.