Sunday, August 10, 2003

David Kay says that most of the alternative uses that have been suggested for the Iraqi trailers "didn't pass the laugh test", and that "the silliest one" was the suggestion that they had been designed to generate hydrogen for meteorological balloons. How do we reconcile that with the fact that engineering experts from the Defense Intelligence Agency now believe that the most likely use for the trailers was to generate hydrogen for meteorological balloons? Are the only real scientists who have considered the issue - other than the British experts, who came to the exact same conclusion earlier when they actually had the chance to examine the trailers, and after all were in a good position to do the analysis as a British company had sold the hydrogen production technology to Saddam in 1987 - just being silly? Are the Iraqi scientists, who are being kept in miserable conditions in American custody until they come up with the 'right' answers but who have consistently maintained that the trailers were for hydrogen production only, just being silly? I don't think David Kay passes the laugh test, or the smell test.