Tuesday, September 09, 2003

George Bush gave his pathetic speech on Iraq, answering once and for all the zoological question of whether chimps eat crow. With the once-mighty United States having to crawl on its hands and knees to ask 'Old Europe' and the 'chocolate makers' (an insult delivered, if you can believe the stupid arrogance, just before the Americans were going to have to ask these same countries for desperately needed help; the Europeans shouldn't even answer the phone about Iraq until Boucher is fired) to please, please, please bail it out for the stupidity of its leaders, the new American fashion should be brown paper bags worn over the head like embarrassed fans at football games. The United States is nothing short of a laughingstock, and very serious consideration has to be given to the idea that George Bush is the worst President in American history (the economy and the destruction of the chance for future economic prosperity, the environmental desecration, the lost opportunities to do good rather than line the pockets of his friends, the neo-fascist and unnecessary restrictions on civil liberties, the mishandling of relations with other countries, allowing 9-11 to happen when there was a ridiculous amount of specific foreknowledge, the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq . . . ). The funniest thing of all is that the neocons are acting like Iraq was a wonderful success, and worked out so well that the rest of their very specific Zionist plans should be carried out as quickly as possible. Here is Michael Ledeen, neocon guru, reacting to the chimp's speech:

". . . alas, he has lost focus. He reminded us that he had always expected this to be a long war, but he never mentioned the Evil Axis, never once talked about the several countries that are supporting the terrorist attacks against us, never mentioned the Iranian atomic bomb or the North Korean nuclear program or the ongoing Saudi and Syrian support for terror. This speech was narrowly about Iraq, with a couple of afterthoughts about Afghanistan. If he's aware that we can't possibly win in Iraq unless we bring down the mullahcracy in Tehran, he didn't give any sign of it.

We're dithering again, wasting time while the terror masters prepare their next assault, instead of going after them where they live."

So after thousands of American casualties (largely hidden by the disgusting American media), billions and billions of dollars (the $87 billion is just the beginning; at the end of one year Americans will look back and see that they have spent at least $1 billion a day on Iraq), and an Iraq in utter turmoil turned into a beacon of new hope for fundamentalist terrorists, Ledeen just wants to repeat the whole thing in Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea. These neocons are not just evil, and they are not just stupid. They are completely and utterly insane. At some point, the American government has to be reintroduced to the concept of diplomacy, and come out of this nightmare that every political problem can be answered by the violence of war. Bush's only solution for the problems he has gotten his country into through a profound lack of imagination is to ask for much more of the same counterproductive violence to be applied to the Iraqi people. This is putting out a fire at a gas station using gasoline, and the inevitable conflagration is surely going to singe the American people at home (again). Eventually even the stupidest people - and we now have scientific proof that the Americans are in fact the stupidest people in the world, with 69% of them believing that Saddam was involved in 9-11 - are going to find out the hard way that the Bush/neocon solution to everything, more violence, doesn't work. If nothing else comes out of this debacle, at least we can hope that the doctrines of neoconservatism are eventually seen for the insane nonsense that they are.