Sunday, September 14, 2003

In international affairs, Americans always prefer violence to diplomacy. This has gotten worse under the current regime, but the problem didn't start with the chimp. Bush has, however, taken the United States into new depths of diplomatic incompetence:

  1. If you're like me, you often find yourself in need of a handy list of some of the international treaties, agreements and understandings that the rest of the world has managed to live with but that the United States has never ratified or agreed to, or has decided to get out of. Here is such a list.

  2. American incompetence at diplomacy is turning into a serious problem for the world and the United States. The particular example of American stupidity in the days and months which led to the disastrous attack on Iraq has cost Americans an immense amount of money, with only the most recent installment - with many, many more to come - amounting to $87 billion. Incompetence at diplomacy is expensive.

  3. Here is a list of U. S. government assassination plots (I think it would be fair to add Hugo Chavez to the list, and, if Israel has its way, Arafat) from the book "Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II" by William Blum (you can read some chapters from the site: this one is very interesting).

  4. The Americans have long recognized two forms of terrorism: those acts committed against the United States or Israel, which are called 'terrorism', and those violent acts committed by the United States or Israel, which are ignored (which explains the surreal American reporting on the Palestine where the many, many appalling acts of state terrorism committed daily by the IDF against the Palestinians are completely ignored by the disgusting American media, while every single response by the Palestinians to the constant violence committed against them is depicted as a violent unprovoked breach of the peace).

  5. Here, from the book "Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower", again by William Blum, is a partial list of American global military and other interventions in the lives of other countries since 1945.

And Americans still wonder why they are not universally loved.