Friday, November 21, 2003

Blair's Istanbul bombs

The British have some sort of understanding with radical Islamic fundamentalists that the British authorities will turn a blind eye to the activities of the head offices of these organizations provided that they avoid British targets. That would explain why the crazy imams in the London mosques are allowed to advocate insurrection and violence that would get anyone else in trouble, and why so many Islamic 'charities' are quietly run out of offices in London. It also explains why terrorist attacks never happen in Britain. The hypocrisy of Bush's war on terror is exemplified by the fact that the United States officially finds no fault with the accommodation between the fundamentalists and their British hosts. The participation of Britain in the breaches of international law known as the attack on and occupation of Iraq did not seem to end this understanding, but the invitation of George Bush to Britain may have been too much provocation for the fundamentalists to bear. The attack in Turkey is clearly intended to serve as a message to Britain, and Tony Blair might just as well have set the explosions off himself. Thanks to Tony the poodle, the people of Britain are now also prime targets for terrorist reprisals in response to the new Crusades started by Bush and Blair. The most interesting aspect of the Turkish attack, and the real indication that the gloves are off, is the fact that one of the targets was the Turkish headquarters of the HSBC bank. HSBC is based in London, and is the world's second largest bank. It won't take many more attacks like this to make it the world's smallest. You can bet that somebody in the British Powers That Be has already made it abundantly clear to Blair that he can risk the lives of as many British subjects as he likes with his pitiful humping of Bush's leg, but he absolutely cannot start to risk British capital.