Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Dirty bombs

It appears that the American people are being set up for the next terrorist attack, which will be by a dirty bomb. The timing would be sometime in the spring, to provide a nice cushion for the Republican Presidential campaign. Mercenary commandos sporting stolen identities lifted from whatever group is to be the scapegoat this time (I'd guess Muslims from Asia - the Philippines or Malaysia) are no doubt already laying down the paper trial connecting them to sources of parts for the bombs, as well as connecting them to financing sources from the scapegoat country. The target won't be New York this time, as the Republicans don't want to have to fight the radiation for their convention. San Francisco might be a good bet, being unshakably liberal and, from the point of view of the evangelicals, irreparably evil. The paradox is that the terrorist attack will only be necessary if Rove can't get the votes he needs using crooked voting machines. Therefore, the more Americans fight to have crooked touchscreen voting machines removed, the greater the risk of a terrorist attack used to scare them into continuing to live under the rule of the Republicans. Do you want to live, or do you want to vote?