Thursday, November 06, 2003


The arrest of Russian thug billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky has caused the disgusting American media to go into a frenzy, practically accusing Putin of returning to the days of Stalin. Apparently, Khodorkovsky has liberally spread his ill-gotten loot around American think tanks, and has courted American business interests at the highest levels, which probably explains the attitude of the American media. There is the additional fact that turbo-capitalism is the new state religion in the United States, and rich people are the new Gods, with billionaires the godliest Gods of all. The thug billionaires who own the disgusting American media can't understand how it is possible for a fellow thug billionaire to be arrested and be deprived of his loot. What is the world coming to when a rich man - a God who walks amongst us - is subject to the laws that mere mortals are subject to? Doesn't Putin understand that the reason billionaires are rich is because laws don't apply to them? I would be shocked if you could find a billionaire in the world who has not broken enough laws on the way to making his fortune to be properly subject to lifetimes of imprisonment. Khodorkovsky should count himself lucky he is merely in jail, and hasn't had his head lopped off and put on a pike as a warning to others. People seem to have forgotten the enormity of the crime which took place in Russia. Billions and billions and billions of dollars worth of public assets were given away with the connivance of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to a small group of criminal businessmen (the process was popularly called 'prikhvatizatsiya'). Many of the economic problems of Russia can be ascribed directly to the withdrawal of much of the looted money from the Russian economy, deposited in banks in Switzerland, Cyprus, and Israel. The looting was one of the largest crimes in world history. Rather than speculate on conspiracy theories about what Putin is really up to (and isn't it interesting that they are not 'conspiracy theories' if right-wingers discuss them), isn't it possible that Putin simply feels that he now has enough political power to enforce the laws of the country he is supposed to be running? It's funny that the disgusting American media is up in arms about the arrest of Khodorkovsky, while Ken Lay is still a free man. Which country is more totalitarian: the one that enforces its laws against its biggest thieves or the one that doesn't?