Thursday, November 27, 2003

Middle East children are victims of terrorism

Israel is on the wrong end of an extraordinary number of UN resolutions condemning all the many crimes which it commits. Someone in Israel got the bright idea to turn the tables and propose a draft resolution that called for the protection of Israeli children from terrorism, a general condemnation of terrorism, and a demand that the Palestinian Authority join in fighting terrorism. It really, really backfired. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Senegal, South Africa and others proposed amendments to the Israeli draft that would have replaced references to 'Israeli children' with the words 'children in the Middle East region', and would have added condemnations of 'foreign occupation, violations of international law' and 'military assaults, excessive use of force'. Israel had to withdraw the resolution in embarrassment. Here's a good account of how the Israeli occupation, particularly the manning of the checkpoints by young Israeli soldiers, is turning the Israelis into brutal thugs, and a poignant example of how Israel treats Palestinian children.