Thursday, November 13, 2003

Sanchez's war

The top American military leader in Iraq, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, has announced that the Americans are going to step up the level of operations in the Sunni triangle. He told a heavily guarded news conference in Baghdad:

"We are taking the fight into the safe havens of the enemy in the heartland of the country where we continue to face former regime loyalists, criminals and foreign terrorists, who are trying to isolate the coalition forces from the Iraqi people and break the will of the international community. They will fail."


"We are not walking away, we are not faltering, we are going to win this battle, and this war."

I don't think Sanchez is an idiot, so why is he talking like one? It is one thing for American politicians to lie to the American people about the state of the occupation, and another for warbloggers and the disgusting American press to hear what they want to hear despite all evidence to the contrary. But Sanchez has got to know that he's losing, and losing rather badly. It's not the number of American casualties, or the number of Iraqi bombs, or the increasingly frazzled state of the American military. It's the fact that the number of Iraqi freedom fighters is growing at an accelerating rate, and they are finding success in their tactics at an accelerating rate. Sanchez has to know that roughing up more of the civilian population in the Sunni triangle is not only going to fail, but plays entirely into the hands of the Iraqi freedom fighters. The American army is going to be the main recruiting office for the resistance. If Sanchez knows this, why is he helping the freedom fighters? I think the Pentagon has decided that this neocon chickenhawk war has turned into a total travesty, and is no longer even fun. There is the distinct danger that the morale and fighting ability of the whole American army will be severely compromised by having the American troops continue to pretend they are the IDF beating up and killing a bunch of innocent civilians. The American army isn't even close to having the capability of winning a guerilla war against a heavily armed and extremely well trained resistance army which has the support of much of the population, with the levels of support rising daily, especially with the fact that Rumsfeld's brilliant planning has left the Americans with about a third of the troops which they need. The best out for the Pentagon is to embarrass the politicians as quickly as possible and force them to withdraw from Iraq as quickly as possible. The best way to embarrass the politicians is to demonstrate the increasing strength of the resistance, and the best way to do that is to stir up the hornet's nest in the Sunni triangle.