Friday, November 21, 2003

Waiting for my man, Rush

Rush Limbaugh is apparently being investigated for money laundering, as he allegedly made 30 to 40 bank cash withdrawals of just under $10,000 in order to avoid falling under bank reporting requirements, and structuring withdrawals in order to avoid being detected is itself a crime. The huge amount of cash he required set me to wondering. Limbaugh's former housekeeper, Wilma Cline, who acted as his dealer, said she purchased for him 4,350 pills in one 47-day period. She said:

"There were times when I worried. All these pills are enough to kill an elephant – never mind a man."

That many pills in that many days is 92 pills a day. That is far, far too many pills for Limbaugh's own personal use. Was Limbaugh dealing? He may have needed the huge amounts of cash to pay for the huge amounts of drugs. He claims he was using some of the cash to remodel his house, but he could have been using the cash from the bank to pay for the drugs, and then laundered the proceeds from the sales by paying his contractors in cash (and, as a true Republican, avoiding taxes). He could have been running his own little 'compassion club' amongst the Republican movers and shakers in his Florida neighborhood. Colin Powell has admitted that 'everybody here' uses Ambien. Could all these high-level Republicans, justifiably wracked with guilt, be pillheads? Is Limbaugh a pusher (or see here)? Maybe the authorities should be looking at crimes like trafficking, possession for the purposes of trafficking, conspiracy, and racketeering.