Tuesday, November 11, 2003

The Wall

The American-Israeli apartheid security wall, the importance of which has been, needless to say, downplayed by the Israelis and the disgusting American press (how do American journalists live with themselves?), constitutes a radical and irreversible stage in the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. It is not intended for security, but as the final step in creating a system of bantustans, basically large concentration camps, to hold the Palestinians in relatively small cages within the Greater Israel which is on the verge of being created. The closeness of the realization of this part of the goal of the Zionists probably explains the massive use of the term 'anti-Semite' to attack anyone who dares express any reservations about the criminal excesses of the Israeli state. Greater Israel is so close they can almost taste it, and they won't have anyone stopping it now. This stage of Greater Israel will exist over all the area from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, with all the best lands and water sources in Israeli hands, and the Palestinians left to slowly leave their cages in response to the intolerable conditions they will suffer. This represents a massive acceleration in the permanent realization of Zionist goals, essentially unreported in the United States. What would Americans do if they knew they were paying for the destruction of a whole people? With the American experience of slavery, what would Americans think if they knew they were behind the enslavement and destruction of millions of people? Unfortunately, the disgusting American press (I think I'd kill myself rather than suffer the moral ignominy of being an American 'journalist') will never let the American people know what they are doing. From an excellent article by James Brooks:

"Perhaps you'you've read that the 'fence' deviates from the Green Line by 'a few miles in places', and imagined that Israel was just taking a little land again. Israel is taking a lot of land again. A projected 45% of the West Bank will be in Israeli hands when the project is complete. Bush and Powell find that 'troublesome'.

On October 28, an official from the Israeli Defence Ministry announced that the barrier will now extend 450 miles, nearly five times longer than the Berlin Wall. And that's not including the 'eastern fence' beginning to amputate the Jordan Valley into Israel's waiting slop bucket. When it's all done, perhaps by the end of next year, there will be three walled Palestinian islands controlled by the Israeli army; one north, one south, and a tiny enclave around Jericho, marooned inside the Zionists' dream; a Greater Israel reaching from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River at least."


"It is not a 'fence', nor a 'wall', nor a 'barrier' at all, but a machine of war, a forward basing system for the Israeli army and the geographical superstructure for an accelerated campaign of starvation, dispossession, and ethnic cleansing.

As one stares at the maps, absorbing the hideous geography, two fat fists begin to emerge, one north, one south, clutching the innards of the West Bank in a death-grip. Now the fists begin to sprout fingers, worming through the flesh, ripping apart the tissue of the people.

If you imagine that some new 'peace initiative' or act of Congress or the UN or the silly ditherings of Bush are going to halt this US-sponsored nightmare before the end of next year, you simply haven't been paying attention. In today's world, only one force possesses both the potential morality and the power required to stop this monumental crime. And it is something you should already have: outraged public opinion. You must rain it down upon the heads of this blind government like a torrent, or else surrender to the shame, and the consequences."

It's interesting how each empire creates its own intellectual apparatus of repression. The British created concentration camps, which were 'improved' by the Nazis into extermination camps. Stalin had the gulags; the Chinese had 'reeducation'. The Israeli and American Zionists have the Wall. In each case there is an Eichmann-like fascination with the mechanics of the destruction, as if the realities of the evil can be hidden behind the technology used to implement it.