Wednesday, December 31, 2003

An accidental shooting in Israel

The IDF is considering changing its policy on firing at civilians. IDF soldiers fired on and seriously wounded an Israeli Jew during a protest over the Israeli-American Apartheid Wall. Needless to say, it's perfectly acceptable for noble, just, democratic and plucky Israel to fire on and kill protesting Palestinian civilians, but the policy has to be changed because of the new danger of injuring one Israeli Jew, now that the injustice of the Wall has provoked even Israeli Jews to take an active role in the protests. When the Palestinians form the majority population in the area from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean, and they take over the government of whole area - the inevitable result of the stupidity and land-greed of Zionism and a result which appears certain within the next ten years or so - they aren't going to be happy with a 'Truth and Reconciliation' approach to dealing with the war crimes committed every day by Israelis. They will want war crimes tribunals, and many relatively young Israelis are going to find themselves either on the run outside Israel Palestine or spending the rest of their lives in jail. P-Day is fast approaching, and some of these Israelis might want to consider that their actions killing and brutalizing Palestinians today will have severe consequences for the remainder of their lives. Those on trial would include more than just the thugs firing on civilians or dropping bombs on Palestinian towns in the illegal targeted assassinations so beloved by Sharon (Sharon himself will be long gone when the evidence that is being gathered now is put before the courts). Every Israeli guarding a checkpoint is a war criminal, and it is impossible not to see that justice is drawing inevitably closer. It might be a good idea for the world community to start to stage mock war crimes trials to give the Israelis some notion of what the future has in store.