Monday, December 08, 2003

Afghan village bombing

The Americans fired rockets and bullets from two A-10 planes into an Afghan village, killing nine children and one man. They claim they were trying to kill a Taliban member and did in fact find his body (presumably sifting through the bodies of the dead children), but locals say he had left the village two weeks before. Lost in all this is the idiocy of attempting to take out one militant with an air attack on a village of civilians. Just how did the Americans think this was going to work out? They could easily have sent soldiers to the village to capture their target without risking the lives of everyone there. What does this remind us of? Israel's targeted assassinations. Israel uses the excuse of targeted assassinations to drop bombs on civilians, and then claims the resulting civilian deaths are 'collateral damage'. Of course, we all know that the deaths are the real intended result, both to discourage civilian sheltering of militants and to deal with the upcoming demographic problem that is starting to worry the Zionists. The American attack on a civilian village is also a method of using collective punishment of civilians in order to achieve military goals. The idea, which won't work, is that such killing of children will deter villages from sheltering resistance fighters. We have seen the Americans quickly fall into an orgy of collective punishment in Iraq (for the most recent stories, see here and here), and now we see the same trick in Afghanistan. Besides being crimes under international law, this collective punishment betrays the fact that the Americans are losing badly in both Afghanistan and Iraq and are starting to panic. They are learning a lot from their Israeli tutors, but perhaps should have noticed how badly collective punishment has worked for Israel.