Friday, December 12, 2003

James Brooks

Here is a really heavy-duty intelligent article on the messed-up American attitudes towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its effect on the definition of terrorism. A few quotes, starting Chomsky-esque:

"Following 9/11, we heard that Americans finally knew what terror meant to places like Israel. It was not acceptable to suggest that we finally knew what terror meant to places like Guatemala, or Iran, or Vietnam, or Chile, or Palestine, or dozens of other places where civilians have been terrorized by our military and intelligence, or by US-backed regimes using our training and equipment."

and (very important, as the racist Zionist definition of terrorism, which has been accepted without any thought or debate, makes it impossible to properly fight it, and thus will lead to American deaths which could have been prevented):

"Our response to the events of 9/11, led by an administration deeply linked to Israel’s right-wing, nudged us into agreement with the popular Israeli excuse: Terrorism is an evil act by other people of inferior blood and/or religion and/or minds driven by an irrational desire to completely destroy us."

and (the most evil people - think of the Nazis - are always full of moral self-confidence):

"Fed into our relentless pursuit of political simplification ('the mainstream'), our intelligentsia's world-famous pro-Israel bias has created an America that sees the conflict in Palestine as a fight over a scrap of land between two roughly matched peoples with competing claims. One is imagined as a white democratic ally of the United States, the other as people of color practicing dictatorship, strange religion, and terrorism.
There is no inkling that Israel is the world's last 19th century colony, or that the history of the conflict is one long colonial conquest. Neither the schoolbooks nor the New York Times will divulge this home truth. Nor will they mention what generations of Zionist leaders have made clear to their followers: The Arab inhabitants of greater Palestine must be expelled to make way for the Jewish Homeland.
Having long ago established ethnic cleansing as a moral imperative for the achievement of their Holy goals, the Zionists imagine themselves leading the world in 'purity of arms', frequently declaring that Israel’s is 'the most moral army in the world.' . . .
It has probably been stated as a general rule: When nations begin to make exceptional claims for the 'morality' of their armed forces, they will be found upon examination to be engaged in the most abjectly immoral crimes."

and (the dirty work of the disgusting American press):

"We are blinded to the daily grind of Israeli violence and the extent of Israeli army control. We aren't told that seven in ten Palestinians make less than two dollars a day, that many villages now suffer alarming rates of malnutrition and disease. Fed denials compounding denial, many of us don't understand why Palestinians resist Israel with a guerilla war of opportunity, sacrifice, and revenge.
Why do they fight with rocks, slingshots, pipe bombs, rifles, and suicide bombs against a nuclear-tipped Israel deploying the latest missiles, depleted uranium munitions and anti-personnel flechettes spewing from tanks, helicopter gunships, F-16s, APCs, hummers, and M-16s, almost all made in the US and custom-fitted for Israel's line of 'rough work'? (9,10)
Why are there Palestinian terrorists? More than half a century of humiliating, covered-up, racist occupation and thievery. It's that simple."

and, needless to say:

"If Israel were required to obey the law and abandoned its illegal occupations, the position of Palestinian terrorists would be instantly undercut. Funding for Palestinian terrorism, such as it is, would dry up. And it is very clear that Palestinian support for violent resistance would plummet in the advent of an Israeli withdrawal.
The prescription is inevitable. To end the Palestinian terror, and begin to solve our own terror problem, cut it off at its source: Get Israel out of the Palestinian territories and enforce a just peace."

The unthinking acceptance by Americans of the racist definition of terrorism proposed by the Zionists is going to eventually lead the United States into a terrorist disaster. People will look back at 9-11 as 'the good old days' compared to what is coming if Americans don't grow some brains and see that the real problem starts with American-sponsored violence against a group which has decided not to put up with it any longer. We can see the disaster building in Iraq as the same attitudes inspire the American army to increasing acts of counterproductive stupidity. Sadly, I doubt that the political intelligence exists in the United States to crawl out of the 'war on terror' rut, and Americans are doomed to die in large numbers as a result of being stupider than the Zionists.