Saturday, December 13, 2003

Krugman and Kaplan on Baker's ruined mission

Both Paul Krugman and Fred Kaplan think that the announcement by Wolfowitz that certain countries would not be able to participate in the Iraqi reconstruction is an attempt by the neocons to subvert the mission by James Baker, representing the sane Republicans in Bush's father's crowd, to save Bush's reelection hopes by negotiating with the Europeans for a face-saving way for the Americans to get out of Iraq before the next American Presidential election. This withdrawal would completely ruin the new American empire so fervently desired by the PNAC-ers, and so they are working to undermine their own President. I think the Zionists amongst the neocons are also reflecting the Likudnik desire to separate Europe from America so the sensible views of the Europeans on the Middle East conflict will not influence American government thinking. Bush is too stupid to realize what is going on around him (Bush should probably have one of those telephone conversations with his father that Harry Shearer does so well on Le Show). It would be funny if the PNAC-ers decided that they actually preferred Dean, who has strong connections with Israeli lobbyists and no immediate political imperative to leave Iraq.