Sunday, December 07, 2003


Peter Bergen, who is a real expert on Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, on neo-con 'intellectual' Laurie Mylroie (or here; the italics are mine):

". . . Mylroie became enamored of her theory that Saddam was the mastermind of a vast anti-U.S. terrorist conspiracy in the face of virtually all evidence and expert opinion to the contrary. In what amounts to the discovery of a unified field theory of terrorism, Mylroie believes that Saddam was not only behind the '93 Trade Center attack, but also every anti-American terrorist incident of the past decade, from the bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania to the leveling of the federal building in Oklahoma City to September 11 itself. She is, in short, a crackpot, which would not be significant if she were merely advising say, Lyndon LaRouche. But her neocon friends who went on to run the war in Iraq believed her theories, bringing her on as a consultant at the Pentagon, and they seem to continue to entertain her eccentric belief that Saddam is the fount of the entire shadow war against America."

Bergen dissects Mylroie's fruitcake 'scholarship' like a frog in biology class, and the results of the vivisection are enough to make us all sick (also see Joe Conason on the Bergen article). The grisly duo of Mylroie and Judith Miller are responsible for a lot of dead people, with many more to come. I wonder what they use to get the blood off their hands.