Monday, December 08, 2003

November 22 - September 11

There have been three bumps in the history of the discussion of the truth of what happened on November 22, 1963: the Garrison investigation of the late 1960's, the official investigations of the mid-1970's, and the release of the Oliver Stone film and the resulting forced disgorging of some secret documents during the 1990's. Between those bumps there have been long stretches of wheel-spinning, where absence of new information meant that conspiracy buffs spent their time constructing dream palaces in the air of their own imaginations. Those who conspire must love this, as the buffs themselves create the forest of misleading data in which the truth can easily hide. The main problem of conspiracy research now is separating the disinformation from the truth, with by far the greatest collection of disinformation created by well-meaning but misguided 'researchers' who, in the absence of new data, let their imaginations run wild. It is sad to see exactly the same thing happening in the field of discussion of September 11. The Bush Administration has successfully managed to completely stonewall even the rather suspicious official investigation, and I have not seen any new important revelations in at least a year. People who rode hobbyhorses in the months after September 11 are still riding the same hobbyhorses, in love with their own theories more than the truth (my personal hobbyhorse is that November 22 and September 11 were arranged by the same two American institutional groups). Now we're even beginning to see the beginnings of the grand meta-theories, with the attack blamed on some secret conspiracy involving Israel (with the happy Israeli witnesses making a video of the attack paralleling the fact that Yitzhak Rabin was in Texas at Fort Bliss on November 22, 1963; it's as if Israel makes a point of sending witnesses whenever they hear about such things), or, in a possible attempt to shield Israel, weird conspiracy chestnuts like the Bilderbergers or the Illuminati (whatever happened to the Rockefellers, who used to be blamed for everything?). These meta-theories are worse than useless, serving as a method of appearing to discuss the case while simply constructing a wall of smoke. There is significant real information readily available if the American political situation would allow it to be released. I'd like to start with testimony from the pilots who just missed reaching the targets on time, and ask them who arranged for them to be so near and yet so far.