Wednesday, December 10, 2003

The Zionist Globe and Mail

While the Toronto newspaper The National Post, established by embarrassing entrepreneur Conrad Black to express his wacky right-wing ideas and now owned by embarrassing television magnates the Asper family, might as well be called The Zionist Post, I have never noticed any extreme anti-Palestinian bias in The Globe and Mail. That bias is there, however, as is confirmed in spades by this eye-opening exchange between Jason Sherman, a 'self-hating' Jew who attempted to write a book review for the Globe critical of the current Zionist campaign to cloak Israeli crimes against humanity by calling critics of such crimes anti-Semites, and the Globe's book review editor, Martin Levin (Sherman is an absolute hero for allowing the exchange to be published). To show how bad things are at the Globe, their book review editor actually writes that it is clear there was no massacre at Jenin, and calls Robert Fisk an anti-Semite because he continues to obsess that there was! How can the Globe hire people who are so ill-informed? Is it the paper's official position that Robert Fisk, a more distinguished reporter than has ever worked for the Globe, is simply an anti-Semite? The Zionists should be very careful. By using the term anti-Semite to refer to people who are against crimes against humanity, they have completely changed the meaning of the word, and being called an 'anti-Semite' today is a compliment. Their misuse of the phrase 'never again' to express their fear that the Palestinians are going to push them into the sea, a ludicrous notion given the huge power imbalance between the Israeli state and the Palestinians, means that they are using the Holocaust to serve as an excuse for their policy of ethnic cleansing in order to steal the land from the Palestinians, and has effectively destroyed any moral superiority they might have has as descendents of victims of the Holocaust. Obviously the Holocaust occurred as an historical matter, but the misuse of its legacy to commit similar crimes against the Palestinians means that it did not occur morally, and should not be considered to have occurred as a moral matter until they stop abusing it to justify the genocide against the Palestinian people. Their ham-handed attempts at disguising their venal actions, including effective censorship in the pages of The Globe and Mail, is creating a strong counter-reaction. The newest meme, and it is growing more popular every day, is to equate Zionism and Nazism. The combination of Israel's actions and a world-wide campaign to hide these actions conducted by so-called 'liberal' Jews is causing a radical and permanent change in the attitude of well-meaning people in the world to Israel and the Jewish people. The kind of obvious bad faith expressed by Mr. Levin - starting his email with the usual liberal platitudes about Israel while obviously never intending to publish a review of any book pointing out the essential lies of modern Zionism, and displaying his bias with his attitudes towards Jenin and Fisk - is all too common in North American liberal Jewish opinion, and this extreme bad faith means that liberal Jews bear a lot of the moral responsibility for the horrors being committed by the Jewish state, including the massacre at Jenin. Attempts to separate Israel from Jewish opinion will not stand as long as Jews are using these tricks to hide what Israel is doing. Liberal Jews display their bad faith by wanting to have it both ways: express their concern with the actions of the State of Israel while secretly hoping that the larger Zionist plan for a Greater Israel actually succeeds, and using every rhetorical trick they can to support this plan. The world won't put up with this bad faith any more. Denying the massacre at Jenin is today's equivalent of denying the Holocaust, and Mr. Levin is presumably officially representing his paper when he does this. I won't ever read The Globe and Mail in the same way again.