Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Andy Strassmeir and Mohamed Atta

From an article dated December 14, 2003 in the McCurtain Daily Gazette by J.D. Cash and Lt. Col. Roger Charles, on Andy Strassmeir and the Oklahoma City bombing (my emphasis):

"This newspaper first reported that Strassmeir had been singled out for arrest by the ATF in early 1995, but those plans were thwarted by the Oklahoma City FBI office.

The Tulsa ATF office sought an arrest warrant in early 1995 for Strassmeir after an informant, Carol E. Howe, told them about a plot at Elohim City to bomb federal installations, commit mass shootings and kill large numbers of Americans.

Ms. Howe identified Strassmeir as one of the ringleaders in the plot.

Tulsa ATF officials were able to determine that the heavily armed German national was an illegal overstay on his travel visa, therefore subject to arrest on a host of charges.

However, last minute efforts by then-FBI special agent in charge of the Oklahoma City field office, Bob Ricks, scrubbed plans for Strassmeir’s arrest when the FBI agent contacted U.S. Attorney Steve Lewis in Tulsa and complained about the ATF plan to raid Elohim City.

When this newspaper discovered documents confirming the FBI interdiction, Ricks sought to explain his actions by saying he successfully lobbied against Strassmeir’s arrest in late February of 1995 because he wanted to avoid another Waco-style disaster by the ATF."

Strassmeir was a German citizen and son of a prominent German politician who was a top aide in Chancellor Helmut Kohl's government. He was in the United States illegally, and had an as yet unexplained connection to the perpetrators of the Oklahoma City attack, not to mention a connection to the network of intelligence/military types who hang over all these conspiracies like a bad smell, connections about which the American authorities are, as usual, remarkably incurious (and the FBI, just as in 9-11, bends over backwards to ensure that they do not arrest certain people). He is also said to have received military intelligence training at the Bundeswehr Academy in Hanover, and have been a member of German Intelligence, specifically the elite commando counter-terrorism unit GSG-9. In the mid-1990's, a lack of terrorism was making the continued existence of groups like GSG-9 very tenuous, and a few choice international terrorist attacks would go a long way towards ensuring its future. Starting as far back as the 1970's, German Intelligence was training and supplying (in return for heroin) Albanian anti-Yugoslav KLA fighters at a base near Izmir in Turkey (the KLA has connections to both Germany and, through the heroin trade, to Turkey, as well as military training connections to al-Qaeda). One of the military advisors to the KLA at the time was Muhammed al-Zawahiri, brother of the 'brains' behind al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri (a good background article on Ayman al-Zawahiri in the New Yorker somehow manages to discuss the Muslim Brotherhood, the fight against the Russians in Afghanistan, and al-Qaeda, with only one slight reference to the CIA). You can draw a line from Oklahoma City to Germany to Kosovo to Afghanistan (and not once have to pass through Iraq, although no one would be thinking about Iraq in this context were it not for some crackpot theories). Strassmeir was mysteriously allowed to slip out of the United States, possibly with help from GSG-9, and was last seen mixing with IRA members in Ireland (you can see a pattern here). One of the oddest things is that he may have been involved in negotiations to buy Boeing 747s from Lufthansa on behalf of Vincent A. Petruskie of Petruskie Associates in Manassas, Virginia (Petruskie is a retired U.S. Air Force colonel, who vehemently denied being CIA, but he seems to have had a spooky life). Even odder, perhaps is that Strassmeir may have been working undercover for the ATF (and perhaps his warnings of the OKC bombing, bungled by the ATF, or worse than bungled, meant that he had to be ignored; in 1963, LHO may have been working for the ATF as well!). Mohamed Atta hung out with a crowd of German speakers when he was in Florida (and it is interesting that one of these apparently ended up living in Turkey), and it is completely obvious, at least to me, that he had advanced military training (which he didn't get as an architecture student in Hamburg or in the mountains of Afghanistan). I sometimes think debates about whether people like James Jesus Angleton were working for the CIA or the KGB are somewhat pointless, as all these people end up working for the world-wide cult of intelligence, and do whatever it takes to ensure that the condition of the world is such that intelligence agencies of all types thrive.