Saturday, January 10, 2004

The end of Israel

The Israelis run this traveling road show of horror. The idea seems to be that if they don't stay in any one Palestinian place too long, the disgusting American media won't have to report on the crimes against humanity they are committing. Now they've moved into back to one of their favorite stomping grounds, Jenin, with some people thinking this is their lunkhead response to the first official recent Palestinian mention of the single state, one-person-one-vote end to the Zionist dream. This follows the IDF's multi-week occupation of Nablus, during which they killed at least 19 people, wrecked dozens of buildings, and confined tens of thousands to their homes, all on the flimsy excuse of a futile search for one man. Nablus followed a similar series of crimes against humanity conducted in the Gaza Strip. And so it goes, one outrage after the other. Due to the stupidity and greed for land of the Zionists, they have managed to cook their own goose, and the demographics will eventually ensure a Palestinian majority in the area between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River. Israelis themselves have seen the writing on the wall, and are starting to leave in great numbers. The importation of 'jews', no matter how ridiculous, will not solve the problem. If you are a Palestinian leader, and have witnessed your people having the shit kicked out of them for the last fifty years, why would you pay any attention to the ramblings of Sharon? Sharon still seems to think he can continue on his plan for Greater Israel by pretending to remove a few isolated trailers that have been put in place as fake settlements for the specific purpose of being removed against the background of some crazed settlers, all for the purposes of American television. After the cameras leave, the trailers are dragged back to their former spots, and the circus continues as before. The most recent ideas in Sharon's head are fifty years old, predate the modern development of human rights law, and no longer apply in this world. Why should the Palestinians continue to play along with this nonsense when all they have to do is wait a few years and they will have control of not only all of the Occupied Territories, but all of Israel itself? They won't need to push the Israelis into the sea - the Israelis can continue to live in the new state as long as they don't mind being ruled by Palestinians. Jews have lived peacefully under Muslim rule for thousands of years, and will just have to get used to it again. The Zionists can rant all they want, but their future is as terminal as that of white rule in South Africa, another outrage that seemed as if it would go on forever. Sharon can try to wall the Palestinians into bantustan-style concentration camps, but eventually the world won't tolerate it anymore. Even the Americans will eventually grow disgusted with the economic and political disaster to which the neocons are leading them, and will replace the children who lead them now with some adults who don't see the world through a Zionist filter. The backlash once Americans realize what has been going on may not be pretty for Israel. When the whole world boycotts Israel, the Israeli economy will be completely destroyed in a matter of minutes, the Israelis will have to agree to allow one-person-one-vote, and that will spell the death of political Zionism. When the Palestinian flag is raised over Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the Palestinians should be sure to erect a big - it will have to be big - statue of the true father of their country, Ariel Sharon. Is it 'anti-Semitic' to point out what is going to happen, or are the true anti-Semites those who continue to encourage Israel in its current policies which are certain to lead to its end as a state?