Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Four angry articles

Four righteously angry articles:

  1. Raymond Whitaker and Glen Rangwala list fifty lies told to the British and American peoples concerning the rationale for the attack on Iraq;

  2. Anne Gwynne reacts to those who are suddenly concerned about the plight of the 'poor' Israelis who are about to lose their country due to the demographics of Israel and the Occupied Territories, pointing out just some of the facts of the Zionist evil that has destroyed the viability of a separate Palestinian state and thus has directly led the Israelis to their current position (read some of the facts she lists and try to tell me why it is the Israelis we should feel sorry for);

  3. Ahmed Amr describes the story of a couple dozen men who call themselves 'neocons', are financed from the profits from bingo halls, and who run the United States for the benefit of Israeli Likudniks;

  4. Gustavo Arellano describes the disgusting - and there is frankly no other word to describe it - coverage by the American media of the April 2002 coup attempt in Venezuela (you have to be brain dead if you think you can get any semblance of the truth from the American media).