Friday, January 02, 2004

Genoa and 'anarchists'

In writing about the use of fake 'anarchists' by the Italian state for the political purposes of the neo-fascists like Berlusconi who are currently in power, I forgot to mention the obvious point that this trick has been tried before by the same people. During the protests in Genoa in 2001, extreme right-wing extremists were invited to the protest in order to play the role of anarchists. Their violence was an attempt to discredit the left (one of the saddest things is that some on the left refuse to believe the infiltration, as they admire the bravery of the thugs). The police were seen chatting peacefully with the masked agents provocateurs before the violence started, and the police did not interfere when the violence was conducted near where the police were stationed. Much of the violence committed by those in masks was committed against the peaceful protestors. Some of the 'anarchists' were seen getting out of police vans near the protests. The black masks, which are supposed to hide the identities of the anarchists from the police, were actually to hide the identities of the thugs from the protestors and the media. Deputy Prime Minister, and noted neo-fascist, Gianfranco Fini was in close contact with the police during the time that the fake anarchists were utilized by the Italian state. The police also manufactured evidence against the protestors, and imprisoned them with brutality and torture, all with overt (or here) fascist references. How many more times will the neo-fascists in Italy be allowed to hide their own problems by blaming violence on fake 'anarchists'? Whenever you hear about black-masked leftists committing acts of violence during protests, acts which are used as an excuse by the police for brutal repression of constitutional rights of assembly and freedom of speech, remember that these violent thugs are almost certainly working with the police, and in many cases are probably employees of the police. This rule applies in North America - particularly under AshKKKroft's new unconstitutional brutality in Bush's Amerika, where the police have gone completely apeshit - as well as in Italy.