Monday, January 12, 2004

The IMF and the American non-rich

Bush spends a whole lot of money the United States doesn't have on some unnecessary wars which enrich his friends, and further reduces the amount of money available to him by enriching the rich with tax cuts. The deficit balloons up to levels it has not reached since the time of Reagan, and because of creative accounting may even be higher as a percentage of GNP than it was under Reagan (and Reagan at least had the Cold War as an excuse). Paul O'Neill, the U. S. treasury secretary who was fired for worrying about the deficit, reports (or here) what Dick Cheney told him about the deficit:

"Reagan proved deficits don't matter. We won the midterms (congressional elections). This is our due."

By this Cheney means that the rich who are represented by the Republican victors can now celebrate their victory by claiming the tax cuts that will be paid for by the American people when the deficit has to be repaid. Winning the midterms was like winning a war against non-rich Americans, and the tax cuts were the spoils of war. Suddenly, the same Republicans who allowed all this to happen start wringing their hands and wailing about how the deficit is too big. And who should suddenly stick its ugly head into the debate? The IMF, making a big to-do (or here) about the hugeness of the American deficit, and calling for a balanced budget. Do you detect a plot? The IMF has no independence of the American government, and is just a shill for American government policies, particularly the neo-colonial raping of the assets of poorer nations. An IMF report doesn't just appear - it comes on order from those running the American government. The neocons want to cure the deficit 'problem' on the backs of non-rich Americans, which is why we suddenly see the hand-wringing Republicans along with a convenient IMF report. Once Bush is reelected, watch for massive cuts to all programs which benefit anyone other than rich people, all on the excuse that the IMF and the deficit are making these cuts necessary. Needless to say, the tax cuts will not be touched and will probably be increased (to further 'stimulate' the economy), and the big contracts associated with the rape of Iraq and the new countries on the neocon hit list will continue to be handed out to Bush cronies. The deficit is not only the evidence of the money that has been stolen from non-rich Americans by Bush's friends, it is also the excuse the Republicans will use to make the cuts in social programs that they wanted to make anyway. The entire point of the Republican exercise is to ensure that not a cent of government revenue gets into the hands of anyone who isn't rich. Whenever the IMF gets involved, it is an absolute sign that non-rich people are getting screwed. This case is only different because the victims are not usually Americans.