Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Michael Moore on the 'deserter'

It is amusing how Michael Moore, by just mentioning the term 'deserter' in connection with the name George Bush, has managed to provoke a smack-down by the disgusting American media for daring to dis King George - probably an overreaction caused by the deep guilt in the media for burying the story of Bush's utterly shameful military record - and has led the bootlicking Bush supporters into the rather unedifying debate of whether Bush was a deserter or simply went AWOL (the equivalent of arguing that it wasn't really murder, it was just manslaughter, which, when you think about it, is really a question more for Pickles Bush). One of the issues for the press, which they would look into if they weren't just a PR branch of the Republican Party, is finding out what happened to his missing records (the non-missing ones are here), not to mention his hidden criminal records (what a guy!). Bush must be the first American President who served in the military who made a big thing about trying to hide his military records. The issue of an AWOL president is becoming acute, as soldiers in Iraq are starting to desert in large numbers, leading to the question of what right the military has to complain about this when the Commander-In-Chief led the way. Just as in the Vietnam era, there is talk of a new 'Underground Railroad' of Americans taking sanctuary from an evil war in Canada. Canada benefited enormously from the Vietnam draft dodgers, skimming off the absolute cream of the crop of American young men with the highest moral standards.