Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The neocons and Korea

Gary Leupp has an excellent article (or here) on the problem of North Korea, including valuable historical background on how American actions going back to the 1950's are behind the problems on the Korean peninsula we see today. He points out that Cheney's position is that the North Koreans are to give up their only bargaining chip, their possible possession of nuclear weapons, before he would even begin to negotiate with them. This is exactly the same position as the neocons took with Saddam, and we now know, as do the North Koreans, that Saddam did everything possible behind the scenes to attempt to comply with their insane demands, and they attacked him anyway (Saddam had the great misfortune of approaching the American government through Richard Perle, who not surprisingly ensured that the offer which might have endangered the neocon-Zionist attack on Iraq died on the vine; why the disclosure of Saddam's attempts at negotiating peace, which contradict the official American position that war was inevitable, did not create a scandal in Washington is proof of the current sad state of American politics). Given this kind of massive bad faith by those in power in Washington, the North Koreans would have to be absolutely crazy to give up one bomb before they had a firm commitment from these lying bastards. As I have mentioned before, the roots of this whole Korean nuclear problem go back to the failure of the Republican-controlled Congress to fund the deal which the Clinton Administration made with North Korea in the 1990's. Most sane people would be trying to avert a war which will certainly cause immense harm both to Koreans and Americans. The problem is that the insane neocons like and want war - unless of course they have to fight in it themselves - so all the normal checks on the apocalypse are missing. Cheney would actually prefer to provoke a war than negotiate out of a war, and in that context his position makes absolute sense, at least to the neocons and their war-profiteering friends (speaking of profits, note that Rumsfeld has exactly the same credibility problem with Korea that he has with Iraq).