Thursday, January 08, 2004

The Republican 'dirty bomb'

It appears that the next fake terrorist attack on the United States will be by way of 'dirty bomb'. A 'dirty bomb' is a perfect instrument as it creates real terror but can be made to do minimal property damage, and the elevated cancer rates help the pharmaceutical industry for years. The framework is being set to prepare Americans to be very, very afraid, and ready for the protection of Bush come election time if Rove feels the voters need a little push. One source familiar with counterterrorism preparations said:

"Government officials are surprised that people [in the United States] aren't more hyped about all this."

If they are not yet 'hyped', it certainly isn't the fault of the Bush Administration. We've seen the recent fake concerns over flights from France, Britain and Mexico, and more false alarms on flights in the United States. The Germans suspect (or here) that the CIA gave them a warning about a terror attack in Hamburg which the CIA knew to be false (in that case, the motive appears to be to force the Norwegians to arrest a man associated with the group falsely charged with planning the attack, but the pattern is that the Americans are now using fake terror warnings to achieve other goals). If Rove needs the votes, and the Republicans can't get sufficient paperless computer voting machines in place before the next election, Americans will see a terror attack by 'dirty bomb', probably in one of the cities of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco or Seattle, at a time, May or June, to set up the Republican National Convention with jingoist nonsense and the message that only Bush is tough enough to protect America, and the clear warning that the country cannot afford to shift horses in its time of crisis. The commandos who will set off the attack are laying the paper trail now to be associated with whatever group the neocons wish to attack next. I guarantee that suitable patsies will be picked up in a few days of the bombing, and the FBI will have bursting files on each of them connecting them with the next country on the neocon wish list (almost certainly one or more of Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba). If Americans hadn't fallen for the obvious lies about September 11, and had demanded a real investigation of what really happened, they could have avoided this next fake terrorist attack, so in a sense it is a deserved attack. The saddest thing is that Americans are already falling for the new terror, and the real fear is starting to build to its Republican crescendo.