Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Venezuelan coup II

It appears that the United States is setting the groundwork for another coup attempt in Venezuela, or perhaps even some kind of military attack, possibly by their stooges, the extreme right-wing narco-thugs in Colombia. This must mean that American intelligence has reason to believe that the recall petition to remove Hugo Chavez is going to fail. Large amounts of cash are being illegally brought into the country, presumably to fund the expenses of the coup plotters. We have already seen the amazing Washington Post editorial I have already commented on, which basically advocated another coup and the removal of a democratically elected leader. From VOANews:

"The United States expressed public concern Monday about the close ties between the governments of Cuba and Venezuela, amid suggestions by U.S. officials they may be working together to fan anti-American sentiment and undermine democratic governments in Latin America."

Undermine democratic governments in Latin America!! You mean like just about every government in Latin America that has at some time been undermined by the United States through assassinations, wars, economic attacks, fixed elections, reigns of terror and coups? The most recent such attempt is probably the attempted coup sponsored by the American government in Venezuela itself. It takes a hell of a lot of nerve for an American official to complain about the undermining of democratic governments in Latin America. It appears that the Americans are terrified that Hugo Chavez is getting too close to the Beard, and the two of them are up to no good pointing out to the people of Latin America that it is not in their interests to be slaves to American corporados. Bolivia has already lost its American puppet, and the Americans fear that more good may happen in Latin America that the American thieves can stand. Watch for another American-sponsored coup attempt, or perhaps an staged incident at the Venezuela-Colombia border, with the Americans having to make a 'humanitarian' intervention to save the people of Colombia from Venezuelan aggression.