Thursday, February 05, 2004

Sharon's Gaza referendum

Ariel Sharon is contemplating holding a referendum in Israel over his plans to withdraw the settlers from the Gaza Strip. Do you think Israel could spare the ink to stick a few more words on the referendum, and ask at the same time whether it would be a good idea to withdraw the settlers from the West Bank? We would all be pleased to see how sane the average Israeli is, and how much Israel is captive to a stupid proportional representation election system. Removing settlers goes against everything that Sharon has done in his life. Assuming his Gaza plans aren't a stunt to deflect attention from his personal corruption - admittedly a large assumption - Sharon must have the following in mind:

  1. The demographics are killing Zionism, and within a few years one-man-one-vote is going to prove the end of the State of Israel.

  2. The wall has started the process of permanently turning the international community against Israel.

  3. George Bush is going to lose the next American Presidential election.

You can bet that Sharon has good sources of information.