Sunday, March 07, 2004

The American invasion of Venezuela

Here is an outstanding article by Alan Cisco on the current situation in Venezuela. You can see what Hugo Chavez and the majority of people in Venezuela have to put up with (I note that Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter is playing an absolutely shameful role in serving as the Bush Administration mouthpiece supporting the lies of the opposition). You can also see what is going to happen. The opposition doesn't have the legitimate votes they need for a recall vote, and despite the fact that Chavez has bent over backwards to allow them to try again, will come up short (Chavez' generosity is probably due in part to the fact that he is confident they do not have the votes). On the other hand Chavez has the votes he needs to greatly weaken the opposition and thus start to push through the much needed reforms. Fear of having some of the money they stole from the people of Venezuela taken back from them will put the opposition into a frenzy, and they will resort to violence, claiming that the riots are due to the fact that democracy has been denied to the people of Venezuela. The violence will be mostly perpetrated by hired goons, but will be played up into a crisis by the opposition-controlled press. This version will be retyped by the disgusting American media, and excreted onto the American people. The Bush Administration, working in a coordinated fashion with the opposition, will attempt to depict the violence as a threat to American interests in the country, particularly a threat to the continued oil supply. I wouldn't be surprised to see an incursion into Venezuela by American stooge forces from Colombia, which will be immediately blamed on Venezuela by the disgusting American media (this has already been tried). The Americans will then have the phony excuse they need to invade, both to protect the oil and to protect their ally Colombia. Otto 'Third' Reich and Roger Noriega are certainly dying to do this. The only issue is whether it is too dangerous a move politically for Bush to take in an election campaign. Despite complaints by everyone who has considered the issue, truckloads of Diebold voting machines are being delivered every day to American voting stations, and nobody seems to have the political will to do anything about it. Rove should be able to have Diebold set the voting machines to narrowly pick Bush, provided no political disaster occurs. If Rove already has the election in the bag, would he risk losing it over a possibly dangerous war in Venezuela, a war that could go seriously sideways and which will create a diplomatic uproar in Latin America? Unlike Haiti, Hugo Chavez has an army that is firmly behind him, and he is much more fully aware of who his enemy is than Aristide was. It is odd that the freedom and democracy of the people of Venezuela may turn on how crooked the upcoming American election is slated to be.